How to say Burgundy in Italian?

What does Rosso borgogna mean in English? Italian translations and examples in context.

How to Say “Burgundy” in Italian? What is the meaning of “Rosso borgogna”?

Burgundy is translated in Italian by...

Rosso borgogna (m) / Rosso borgogna (f)

Example Sentences with Sound Clips.

L'auto è rosso borgogna.
The car is burgundy.

More Example Sentences.

Il vino è rosso borgogna.
The wine is burgundy.
La mia camicia è rosso borgogna.
My shirt is burgundy.
Mi piace il rosso borgogna.
I like the color burgundy.
Dipingerò le pareti del bagno rosso borgogna.
I will paint the walls in the bathroom burgundy.


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