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More than 80 Vocabulary Lessons to Help You Build Sentences

Beautiful Simplicity

Ouino Spanish is designed to be both visually stunning and incredibly user-friendly.

Every single word is accompanied by a beautiful representative image. This will help you make a visual association with the image and the word.

Lessons are divided by topics and sub-topics; this makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Plus, each word has its own button that you can click to repeat or to skip to any word you like.

Amazing Quizzes

Each vocabulary lessons has its own entertaining game called "Fluency Sprint". The goal is to answer every question before the "bonus meter" runs out; the faster you answer a question, the more points you score. This will ensure that you not only know your Spanish vocabulary, but that you know it exceptionally well.

Each category contains different difficulty levels. If you feel up to the challenge and want to go straight to harder exercices, go right ahead! If you complete a higher-level exercise, the scores will be updated for the easier ones as well! That way you don't waste time on material you may already know. The multiple-level learning system is an excellent way to reach fluency and memorize what you learn.

Complete Customization

Ouino Spanish not only allows you to choose what you learn, but also how you learn it.

The vocabulary settings allow you to control the presentation entirely; you can choose how much time you want between every word and you can choose to hear words pronounced slowly first, fast first or pronounced fast only. You can also click on any word to have it repeated at any time.

Ouino Spanish is the most customizable Spanish-learning program on the market!

Gender Solution

The Spanish gender is probably one of the hardest things to understand when learning Spanish because there is no true logic or formula to know whether an object is masculine or feminine. Ouino Spanish has created a very simple solution to that problem.

While you learn your vocabulary with Ouino, you will notice that every masculine word are written in blue letters and spoken out loud by a man. On the other hand, feminine words are written in red letters and spoken aloud by a woman. Odds are that you will remember whether a man or woman mentioned a particular word in the program, and therefore will remember its gender!

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