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Start learning absolutely free of charge! Our free program contains sample lessons from each of the five valuable sections of our full program! These lessons will get you started with your learning right away, while showing you the full extent of what you could learn from Ouino Spanish. Free knowledge with no obligation! Try it now!

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Learn how to pronounce Spanish sounds with precision. Improve your pronunciation by recording your voice and comparing yourself with native speakers. Learn how each letter, accent, most diphthongs and other sounds are pronounced in Spanish.


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Practice your conversation skills with a stunning variety of native speaker dialogue examples taken from everyday situations and conversation topics. Become familiar with the speed of the Spanish language and learn expressions used in everyday speech.


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Discover how to create your own Spanish sentences. This section focuses on teaching the structure of the Spanish language. Take an in-depth look at the different parts of the Spanish sentence and discover how to ask a question, shape a negation, compare things and much more.


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Learn essential vocabulary and phrases used extensively in everyday speech. Simply choose one of 81 categories and learn new words on-the-go. Then, challenge yourself in our Fluency Sprint Games. The faster you answer, the more points you score.


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This program offers a total of 134 lessons focused on teaching the most important Spanish verbs in six different tenses. Truly understand how Spanish conjugation works with our Verb Endings lessons, then practice your knowledge with hundreds of example sentences accompanied by beautiful pictures and clear sound.

Ouino Spanish: The 5-in-1 Complete Collection

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