The Entertaining Way to Learn Sentence Structure and Grammar

Powerful French Words

The "Building Blocks" section is a collection of lessons dedicated to teach the fundamentals of the French language.  You will understand sentence structure and will become familiar with every aspect of the language (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles, conjunctions, prepositions).

For example, "connections words" (prepositions and conjunctions) are vital because they are the words that tie everything together in a sentence. How many times do you find yourself using a word like "because" or "with" in a sentence? Knowing these words (and knowing how to use them) is an essential part of any language.

Grammar Made Easy

The word "grammar" may sound daunting or boring for some. Rest assured, learning grammar doesn't have to be difficult or mind-numbing. Ouino French lessons are clear, precise, straightforward and most importantly, motivating.

Most lessons consist of an explanation of the given topic to help you clearly understand, and is followed by numerous example sentences to show you precisely how each word is used in context. You get the best of both worlds; quickly learn the rule, and then reinforce everything by association and practice.

Write in French

The "Building Blocks Hints" quizzes allow you to put your new knowledge to the test. You will be presented with example sentences with missing words and you will be asked to type in the right answer.

If you are not sure of the answer, you will also be able to use a number of hints to help you along the way, such as "scrambled letters", "multiple choice" and "sound playback", each having its own point penalty. The goal is to finish the quiz with as many points as you can!


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